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Contact:                                                                                                                                            FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - June 21, 2018


Las Vegas Filmmaker Tony Mendoza Unveils his Latest Work: Ride Hard Live Free


Las Vegas, NV, June 21, 2018 – From executive producer Steve Lowry and Road Lizard Productions comes the latest action movie from Las Vegas filmmaker, Tony Mendoza (TheNextShot.TV).


Featuring Emilio Rivera (Sons of Anarchy) and Lainee Rhodes (Art of the Dead, Live by Night), Ride Hard Live Free is a post-apocalyptic biker drama with a grindhouse aesthetic. In this unrelenting dystopia of unchecked violence, survival has been reduced to a more primitive nature. Out in the far reaches of an isolated desert in what remains of the western United States, warring motorcycle clans compete for territory and resources. But the old ways of warfare have gone.  


Ride Hard Live Free will be available for domestic and international licensing at the American Film Market October 31 – November 7, 2018.


Filmmaker Tony Mendoza’s credits include hard-hitting action dramas such as Life in the Hole. “I feel very honored to have joined Road Lizard Productions to direct this film,” says Mendoza.  “Though it was a very challenging shoot in extreme situations, it was also very rewarding.”


At Road Lizard Productions, we are storytellers, producing compelling and powerful stories. Our team includes technical experts with real life experience, ranging from military procedure and armaments, horror techniques, law enforcement, the intelligence community and historical events.


The company’s current completed project is Ride Hard Live Free – the action/adventure thriller with a dramatic message. Ride Hard Live Free is a technically correct portrayal of biker culture, and explores current cultural concerns such as the role of women in leadership, the role of government and its extent of control, Latino leadership, and the daily struggle of those with handicaps.


Learn more about the company’s development slate at: Road Lizard Productions and at the American Film Market October 31 – November 7, 2018.  Arrange a meeting with Steve Lowry and Tony Mendoza.


Get the latest information and updates about Ride Hard Live Free at, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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