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About Us
Nothing awakens you more than doing that one thing you want to do the most. Road Lizard Productions was founded to fulfill a lifetime dream – writing and producing independent feature films with a message and cinematic realism. This vision to build such an indie film company came to fruition in 2017.
At Road Lizard Productions, we are storytellers, producing compelling and powerful stories.
FOR DISTRIBUTORS We invite you to look at our completed projects.  You will find solid recognizable "B" actors with proven track records supported by up and coming young talent fully dedicated to making a quality and successful movie.
FOR PRODUCERS Present us with your idea and let us make it a reality.  We provide the script, acting talent, and technical expertise in both production and post-production, all at a reasonable cost. We will complete your project on time, providing you with a higher profit margin. Our team includes experts with experience who specialize in military procedure and armaments, horror techniques, law enforcement, intelligence and history (political, WW II, WW I, Korea, Vietnam, the Civil War as well as the western expansion).  We don't just do action; we do action and realism.
The company’s current completed project is Ride Hard Live Free, an action/adventure thriller with a dramatic message.  Ride Hard Live Free is not only entertaining, it is a technically correct portrayal of biker culture.  Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Ride Hard Live Free explores current cultural concerns such as the role of women in leadership, the role of government and its extent of control, Latino leadership, and the daily struggle of those with handicaps.  Ride Hard Live Free is a movie that addresses and reaches society on several levels dealing with concerns as current as the morning news, and it does so it in an entertaining format
We look forward to working with you in either a distribution or production capacity.  We will get the job done at a reasonable cost and with dedication to quality.
Steve Lowry
Road Lizard Productions
Steve Lowry, CEO
Tony Mendoza
Director of Operations/Projects
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