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Who We Are

Road Lizard Productions (RLP) is an independent feature film production company specializing in the creation of affordable, story-driven  action/adventure, thriller, horror, and drama genre films.

Why Choose Us

RLP builds client-centered relationships through clear and concise communication, creative flare and a relentless work ethic. We shoot in 4k with a strong focus on sound quality.

Our Promise To You

RPL creates affordable, high-quality feature films with an emphasis on production and story line. We ensure a first-rate product working with a team of talented and accomplished writers, directors, producers and crew to bring your (the client) idea to fruition. Our writers take your story pitch and our directors shoot an engaging project, while our producers resourcefully extend your budget. Our post-production crews expediently edit, score, color and sound design a high quality affordable product.   READ MORE
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Road Lizard Productions Completed Projects

Ride Hard Live Free Movie - A Road Lizard Produtions Movie -

Completed Scripts Ready for Production

Stories Ready for Development

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